Playing outside

Why is playing outside very important for children?

Here is one of the most important factors that help your child grow healthy and succeed in the future: Make sure that your child spends a lot of time outside.
We all know that the childhood of this generation differs from the childhood of the previous generation, but one of the most wrong habits we notice on this generation is spending a long time indoors or using their electronic devices.
Many of us “adults” and not just kids, spend a lot of time indoors too.
Maybe sometimes the lack of outdoor play areas, sometimes the fear of sunlight when the weather is extremely heat or extremely cold, sometimes insecurity and other reasons … are what prevents families from spending a lot of time outside, but we have to think and work seriously to find solutions for that.
For example, you can everyday go out with your child for a very short time to take a walk around your home. It is very useful for the child to get used to all weather conditions. In all weather situations, be sure to go outside, even for a while. This is enough for the desired goal of going outside, but of course we are not talking here about going out from home to another, such as visiting relatives, for example, or going to the closed play places or even going to school.
What can children get from spending time outside and help them to grow?

  1. Sunshine: We need sun exposure to make vitamin D, which plays an important role in many of the body’s processes, such as bone growth and immune system strengthening and also plays a role in healthy sleep – and mood. Our bodies work best when they get some sunlight everyday.
  2. Exercise: Children should have a movement activity for at least an hour every day, and going out to play is one way to make sure this happens. They can certainly do sports indoors, but playing ball, riding a bike, etc. will be more helpful and encouraging them.
  3. Executive Function: These are the skills that help us in planning, creativity and troubleshooting using imagination, negotiation, and multitasking. To achieve this, children need time alone and with other children, and to be allowed to create their own games, discover things, and entertain themselves. Being outside gives them opportunities to practice these important life skills.
  4. Taking Risks: Children need to take some risks and we should not be anxious about that. We always strive to keep our children safe. But not to keep them in closed borders and never allow them to take risks because they may not have confidence and courage in the future to face the inevitable risks of life. Yes, children may fall from a tree, for example, or meet unpleasant children who do not want to play with them, but this does not mean that they should not try. We learn from failure just as we learn from success.
  5. Socialization: Children need to integrate themselves and learn how to work together, how to make friends, share and collaborate, as well as interact with others. Their interaction in school or sports teams only, is very organized and insufficient for them to learn everything they need.
  6. Appreciating nature:
    Unfortunately, our world is changing but not for the better. Children will not realize the beauty and the importance of nature in our lives if they do not have some time in it. They need to see some animals, walk through woods, dig in the soil, or climb mountains and stare at the horizon. They really need to learn to appreciate it. Our future depends on our children.
    Never hesitate! Let your kids spend a lot of time outside, go out with them too, that will be great for all. Do all what you can to make sure that your child learns to do everything on his own.

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