To-do List

Because of a lot of pressures and activities which we feel that we have to do, we often feel lost and chaotic without being able to accomplish everything that we want. This is often related to inability to manage time positively. The first and most important step in time management is getting used to the to-do list. First, we should talk a little bit about:

How to organize time:

Here are the most important steps for managing time:

• Write a list of daily tasks
• Delegating some non-urgent tasks to other people when it is possible.
• Arranging and organizing the work or study place.
• Keep your work or study place tidy; untidy workplace negatively affects your thoughts.
• Realize the importance of time; when we do not realize the value and importance of time, we waste more of it.
• Be strict in carrying out your decisions; if you are not strict and firm in your decisions, all of what we have previously talked about is in vain. Be sure that contributes greatly to the success of your plans, projects and dreams.

To-do List in organizing time:

To-do list is the cornerstone that will help you to organize your time, so it deserves to think more about and attend seriously to do it.

It would be useful to follow some tips such as:

• Put the weekly plan and let it always stay near to you.

• Write your list always at the same time, for example in the morning when you wake up or at the end of the day to start with it in the morning.

• Make it a unified list, not a multi-list.

• List all of your activities in this list.

• Arrange these activities depending on their priority.

• Collect similar activities in one activity.

• Set aside time for each activity, and be careful not to exceed this time.

• Review the daily activities and tasks from time to time during the day, and cross out all that you have done. This will make you feel satisfied and comfortable.

Keep always some time for unexpected situations, do not schedule all of your time.

• Always keep free time and enjoy some rest, at least few minutes.

• Stick to your list.

• Do not over-organize (so it turns to be unpleasant job).

Important note:

You can make a weekly list for what you can/ would like to cook and so you will save time thinking about what to cook everyday.

We wish that we could provide you with some useful information about managing time.

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